The Contemplative Lens

Learning to See, One Image at a Time

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The Contemplative Lens is all about the journey and practice of contemplative photography. 

You can think of contemplative photography as way of using a camera (any camera) to train your mind and attention, helping you learn how to see and understand the world around you in ways you may never have before. It’s fun and enriching. 

Contemplative photography is suitable for anyone, regardless of age, background, etc. You don’t need any existing knowledge or experience with photography to practice it. You only need your curiosity and a way to take pictures (even your phone is fine).

The Contemplative Lens is a personal project of David R Munson, a fine art photographer based in Saitama, Japan. There are many interpretations of contemplative photography, and The Contemplative Lens is his. This site is not affiliated with any other contemplative photography sites or organizations.

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